Frost Zone 2 | 30 Minutes Spent

| Introduction |

| I’m creating a Freeze Tag Game called Frost Zone 2 |
| I would like Feedback on the Lobby and Armor I did |

| Screenshots |

| Game Link |


I like the body armor, but the lobby seems a little bit bland. However, for half and hour, this is really good! I could see the lobby looking really awesome if you spent some more time on it.
(Also, the way the black blocks kind of “phase” through the ice blocks isn’t super appealing to me.)

I like the armor, the lobby looks cool too, although i think the skybox should be something snow/ice related, it doesn’t look bad just kinda basic.

Thanks, Currently I’m going for a 2017 Look. But I’ll be sure to add more to it I agree it does look Bland.

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