Frosted Parlour Admin Panel

FOR THE LONGEST TIME EVER, I have been OBSESSED with the whole concept of admin panels & UI in general, it’s just so magical seeing those buttons work, so, therefore, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make my own customized admin panel with my own ideas for admins & shrs to use. I made this for a group where I am an SHR owned by @AffinityDev, also known as @xF_xith. Please provide feedback as it helps me boost. Also give me more ideas for the admin panel in general, if you have any :heart_eyes:


Best viewed on Youtube (HD :sunglasses:)
Also, there’s direct noise from my Spotify. oops…


I don’t plan on releasing anything as opensourced of this, but I might give myself some other projects which I can share with the community in the furture. The little look inside the script was mostly scrolled through fast & blurred, first because of webhooks but also because i just wanted to show how long this actually took me. Thank you though! I’ll look into it :heart:

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Yes - I just noticed, my bad. I forgot to give feedback, and didn’t notice it wasn’t open source.

About itself, I think it’s very well made, although those notifications don’t seem to be that ‘great’.

Who’s supposed to be the one in the icon of the notifications? I’d rather not put an ‘picture’ of a player on it.

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Wow this is really well made, good work!

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I love how neat and resourceful the panel is! Very spot on!

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Looks amazing, very well made, well done!!

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This is a neat admin panel! Would love to see these roll out soon! These are good!

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It’s one of the best admin panels I’ve ever seen, I own a daycare game and I’d love to have something like this for it. Really hope you make something similar open sourced. Very clean gui.