Frosty Cafe | Staff Guidelines

:clipboard: Staff Rules & Guidelines

As a staff member, you are representing the Frosty Cafe Community, and are therefore required to follow the staff rules listed below.

Staff Rules

  • You must use grammar when in our facilities. This is to keep professionalism at a high. It makes you and us look good.
  • Drama between staff members or customers is forbidden. This includes bring drama outside of the café into our areas.
  • You are a staff member, therefore, trolling, spamming, and exploiting are strictly forbidden. Consequences will be faced if you are caught at any time during your experience with us.
  • Do not spam the group wall asking for HR Assistance. Please use our communications server and follow the strict instructions.
  • If you are found struggling at any time with recipes or jobs please ask another worker for assistance before going to a HR as they will be busy.
  • Please report any trolls, exploiters or glitches to HR’s immediately.
  • Remember, Frosty Cafe is a place for you to have fun and enjoy your time with us!!

Cashier Guidelines:
As a cashier, you are the first person people see when entering the cafe, therefore you mist be professional, quick and hard working at all times. You must state a grammatically correct introduction that customers are able to understand. You must then enter their order into our special tablets as quick as possible making sure its correct so you are not holding up the queue.

Chef Guidelines
As a chef, the customers will already be waiting for their foods. You must be quick but making sure that you have the correct order. We expect for the customer to have their food within 60 - 75 seconds after serving. If this standard is not met, and the customer is left waiting, you will be met with an automatic performance warning. This will stay with you even after leaving and re-joining the staff team.

Contact List :phone:


President: inner_glow, Devildudemilo
Should only be contacted regarding Development positions and Corporate reporting.

Vice President: siimplyarxbella
Should only be contacted regarding Development positions or any department.

These ranks should only be contacted for high-ranked corporate emergency matters only. All other matters can be directed to the appropriate ranks

More Ranks coming shortly