Frown's Family ~ Game Information [WIP]

Frown Family


I’ve been working on a cult game throughout the day today; Myself, being the main developer I am very proud on how this has turned out, throughout the game you will be presented throughout challenges and difficult decisions that will affect the people around you. You are required and needed to take good care of the looking about, and make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Make sure to check every detail to ensure that you are aware of anything, changing or moving… secret passages maybe??


Erī - Erī is supplied with LOADS, of knowledge. Their knowledge is great use for those around her, although she is not very social. She is into politics and majority of mastering mathematics, computer science and more. Erī will be great use to your guideance throughout your objectives. Although, don’t disturb her too much! She’s studying.

Haha, don’t worry. or… do worry…

Smith - Smith is the master at disguise, make sure that you are aware of who you are talking to. Not much information is known about him, although he is the “father” / “leader” of the house. That’s all we know about so far.

Ind - Playful character, suspicious and loves going through those secret passage- I mean what. Ind, is precise on what she achieves for. She makes sure all her movements are made correctly. She can also read minds

Cae - Loves the colour YELLOW. Is particular on how they go around things, they are up to mischief all the time, they are not to be trusted. They do like to read, and move objects around that can lead to clues or secret passages- I mean.


Cae’s room -

Ind’s room -

Erī 's room -

Smith’s room -

N/A - For you to find out;

Main House -

Credits to the owners of the assets! :+1: