Frozey | Ban Appeals

At times, you may wish to appeal a ban you believe was undeserved, or you feel remorseful for. Please use this section of the handbook for information regarding our process on ban appeals, and the appeal template.

Roblox Bans
We keep a record of all Roblox bans in an Administrator Trello Board. Depending on the type of offence you committed, it could possibly be appealed.

Minor Offences
The majority of minor offences are appealable. Please make sure to read the “Code of Conduct” section to verify that your ban falls under a minor offence. Your appeal has the potential to be accepted one time. If you chose to break the Code of Conduct once more, regardless of if it is a minor or major offence, you will be blacklisted from submitting an appeal.

Major Offences
Are not appealable, if you are found guilty. Please make sure to read the “Code of Conduct” section to verify that your ban falls under a major offence. Furthermore,

How to Appeal
Join our Communications Server and open a Support Ticket. Tell your Support Representative that you wish to submit a ban appeal. The Support Representative will then tag someone who has authority to appeal bans. At that point, place your appeal in the Support Ticket. Use the template above. If your appeal is accepted, you will be unbanned within 24 hours.

Appeal Template

[1] What is the Roblox username of the banned account?

[2] Do you know the username of Staff Member who banned you?

[3] Please note, we keep record of all bans. Tell us your side of the story, and what happened.

[4] Bans, even appealed ones, blacklist you from getting any higher than the rank of Senior Cashier. You can choose to expunge your ban, which will allow you to surpass the rank of Senior Cashier. Do you understand?

Discord Bans
Discord Bans are non-negotiable, and unappealable. It’s important to follow the rules listed in the Discord server. With most offences, we will give you a warning. If you choose to break the rules once again, you will be banned. These bans are usually temporary, but can be permanent in some cases.

It is important that you follow the Code of Conduct and Discord rules very carefully, or they could potentially lead to a ban. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a MR/HR, or open a Support Ticket in our Communications Server.