Frozey | Public Handbook

Hey there, and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Josh, or Sorify, and I’m currently a student studying software engineering! In my spare time, I enjoy expanding my knowledge on all things computer related. Roblox has allowed me to find my true passions with coding and programming.

To prevent any confusion here, I did not create any of the models / builds in any of these videos. I simply did the programming, and did the UI in a few of them.

I’d also like to add that I’ll be adding new stuff in here as time goes on and I get commissioned more.

Custom Backpack / Pickup System

Cash Register System

Counter System

Interactive Blender

Snowball Arena

Interactive Ice Skating

Custom Leaderboard

Note: You may notice the same player on the leaderboard twice with a different username, this is because it’s using the players username rather than the players userId, I used this for testing purposes, and the finished product obviously used the players userId to prevent multiple of the same person with different username changes.

NPC Quest System