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This contains all current recipes in Frozey. Because we are currently in development stages, these recipes are subject to change!

Drink Recipes

This section of the guide contains all drink items currently available at Frozey.

Coffee Machine = Coffee

Coffee + Chocolate Sauce = Mocha

Cocoa Powder + Milk + Chocolate Sauce = Hot Chocolate

Ice + Milk + Blender = Milkshake

Ice + Milk + Blender + Topping = Milkshake with Toppings

Ice + Milk + Blender + Chocolate Sauce = Chocolate Milkshake

Ice + Blender + Sprinkles + Milk = Frozey

Ice + Lemon = Lemonade

Ice + Blender + Flavor = Slushie

Frozen Dessert Recipes

This section of the guide contains all forzen dessert items currently available at Frozey.

Cone + Flavor = Ice Cream

Cone + Flavor + Toppings = Ice Cream w/ Toppings

Ice Cream + Chocolate Sauce = Chocolate Ice Cream

Cone Bowl + Ice Cream = Ice Cream Bowl

General Recipe Information

Iced Drink Options
Certain menu items have the ability to become iced. These include: Coffee, Mocha. If a customer requests one of these items iced, make sure the ice is the last thing.

Ice Cream Flavor Options
Ice Cream Flavors include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry, Blueberry

Ice Cream Topping Options
Ice Cream Toppings include: Oreo Bits, Smarties, Rocky Road and Strawberries!

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