Frozey | Senior Cashier Promotion Guide

This post outlines some of the biggest things you can do in order to get promoted from Senior Cashier to Helper. Please note, ranking up to Helper is a lengthy process, and requires a large amount of determination and dedication.

Promotional Tips
Following these tips will make you the perfect candidate for a promotion!

[1] Consistent Activity
Consistent activity at Frozey is by far one of the best ways to rank up. If you can only dedicate twenty minutes a day, go ahead! It is a much better approach to be at Frozey for twenty minutes everyday, rather than three hours but only one day a week.

[2] Cashier Points
The more cashier points you have, the better chances of you ranking up! Although there is no set number for how many points you need to be ranked up, anywhere between 2,500 - 4,000 ensures that you’re on the Staff Teams radar! Worker points can be obtained by completing customer orders, reporting exploiters/bugs to the Staff Team, and even just joining the game!

[3] Communication
Frozey takes communication seriously. We believe in a happy and healthy work environment. To make sure that you can easily be reached or messaged, make sure you join the official Frozey Discord server!

Avoid These
These two things will hold you back. Please make sure you don’t do these things.

[1] Begging
Begging will drastically lower your chances of being ranked up. Begging shows us that you really don’t care about Frozey as a corporation, but rather just care about the benefits of being a high rank. Remember, if you’re dedicated, you’ll be on our radar and you won’t have to beg!

[2] Code of Conduct Violation
For safety reasons, we keep records of all bans, including ones that have been appealed. Before a Senior Cashier is ranked to Helper, they need to make sure their record is clean (including Appealed Bans). If their record isn’t clean, an appointment can be scheduled with a Chief Operating Officer or above to get their record expunged. A serious conversation will be had about the Code of Conduct. Please note, warnings do not have to be expunged as we have no record of them.

Following this guide will ensure that your hard work will pay off! If you have any questions, please feel free to message a MR/HR, or open a Support Ticket! We will happily answer all questions!