Frozia Public Handbook

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:wave: Welcome to Frozia’s Public Handbook!
Frozia is an Italian gelato parlor located on the outskirts of Italy. As an upcoming group, we want to ensure our community is a welcoming and positive space for everyone. At Frozia, our main goal is to prioritize customer satisfaction. We work hard to ensure our staff are always working diligently to provide you with fresh, tasty, and unforgettable gelato and memories to last a lifetime. Within our Public Handbook, you will find all of our available important information that you will need throughout your journey here.

Training Times

:memo: Below you can find all of the available training times here at Frozia. If you notice that your timezone is not located here, please convert all of the times to your correct timezone. Any questions regarding training times can be directed to a Coordinator or above.

Monday - Sunday
06:00 AM ET | 11:00 AM GMT
10:00 AM ET | 15:00 PM GMT
14:00 PM ET | 19:00 PM GMT
18:00 PM ET | 23:00 PM GMT
22:00 PM ET | 03:00 AM GMT

Please note that trainings are cancelled on holidays only to allow for our community to spend time with friends and family!

Frozia Premium

:star: Within Frozia, we have a Premium offer which gives you many fun perks & boosts over regular group members. Below you can find all of our available perks for Premium members. Please contact an executive if you have any questions about premium.

  • Exclusive Premium Lounge & VC
  • Overhead GUI in-game
  • In-game customizable cape
  • In-game Premium Lounge
  • Exclusive Premium giveaways
  • Priority Suggestions
  • Sneak Peeks
    & more to come!

Buy Frozia Premium here.

Rank Descriptions & Capacities

:green_heart: You’ll find all of the information about each rank here at Frozia within this section. For more in-depth explanations of each rank and its tasks, ask a member of the Human Resources Department for further assistance.

Customer - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Obtainable by joining the group.

Noted Customer - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Former executives, presidents, or people who have contributed assets to Frozia.

Allied Representative - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Representatives from our affiliated groups.

Trainee - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have successfully passed their trainee quiz at the quiz center. Trainees are not yet permitted to go behind the register, and instead, must attend trainings.

Junior Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their first training & are now permitted to go behind the register. As a Junior Scooper, it is recommended to use this time as a new LR to ask questions, ask for assistance and to learn the menu off-by-heart. Junior Scoopers are not yet done with their training, and must attend another training to be promoted.

Intermediate Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their second training. Intermediate Scoopers are expected to assist Junior Scoopers behind the register. They are encouraged to learn off the menu and be able to make all of the different items on the menu. Intermediate Scoopers are not quite experienced yet and must attend a training to be promoted.

Experienced Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their third and final training. Experienced Scoopers are skilled at their craft and know what they are doing. They work extremely hard to ensure that everyone is happy with their order. Experienced Scoopers are expected to work hard for their next promotion, and must be willing to help a lower-ranked staff member when they need assistance.

Star Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have been noticed by an MR+ for their hard work and diligence as an Experienced Scooper. Star Scooper is the highest LR rank, and are masters at their work. Star Scoopers are the leaders of the LR team and must be willing to assist lower ranked staff. This rank is available to be purchased for 1,499 robux. You will gain all of the benefits of the Star Scooper rank, however, you will have to work hard to be noticed.

Management Intern - Rank Capacity: 40
Users who have passed their Management Intern application, or have been promoted from Star Scooper. Users within this rank are undergoing an internship to see if they can officially become a member of our Management Team.

Supervisor - Rank Capacity: 35
Users who have passed their internship and are now permitted to shadowing or training at training sessions, supervising the parlor, and assisting users in need. This is the first MR rank that can join Frozia’s committees.

Manager - Rank Capacity: 30
Users who have been promoted from Supervisor. Managers can co-host trainings, supervise the parlor, and can ban disruptive customers. They co-lead one of the committees they joined. Managers are eligible to recommend users for Management Intern. Managers and above can assist in support tickets.

Coordinator - Rank Capacity: 25
Users who have been promoted from Manager. Coordinators can host trainings, supervise the parlor, and can pban disruptive customers. They lead their committee. This is the last Management Team rank.

Executive Assistant - Rank Capacity: 25
Users who have been promoted from Coordinator. Executive Assistants leave their committees and join either our Public Relations or Human Resources departments. Executive Assistants spectate at trainings & supervise the parlor. They are the first Executive Team rank.

Chief Relations Officer - Rank Capacity: 2
Users who have been appointed lead & co-lead of Public Relations. They work closely with our affiliates & manage all of our events.

Chief Operations Officer Rank Capacity: 5
Users who have been appointed lead & co-lead of Human Resources, or have been promoted from Executive Assistant. They manage all of our applications, staff reports, promotions & demotions.

Chief Executive Officer - Rank Capacity: 3
Users who have been promoted from Chief Operations Officer. They oversee both departments & give feedback to the leads. Chief Executive Officers work alongside Chief Operations Officers, Chief Relations Officers & our Vice Presidents to ensure everything within Frozia is operating correctly. They are the last Executive Team rank.

Contractor - Rank Capacity: 10
Users who are long-term contributors to Frozia and our development. Small contributors receive Noted Customer and do not receive this rank. This is the only rank within the Development Team.

Vice President - Rank Capacity: 5
Users who have been promoted from Chief Executive Officer, or have passed Presidential applications. Vice Presidents work with all of our officers & the Presidents to ensure that Frozia is running smoothly at all times, and assist the Chairwoman with presidential duties.

President - Rank Capacity: 3
Users who have been promoted from Vice President. Presidents work closely with the Chairwoman & Vice Presidents to ensure all of Frozia’s operations are functioning correctly. Presidents assist the Chairwoman with presidential tasks. This is the last obtainable rank.

Chairwoman - Rank Capacity: 1
This is a non-obtainable rank and is the owner of Frozia. This role is specially reserved for preduals and operates the Panaché group as a whole.

Affiliate Information

:handshake: When it comes to forming an alliance with Frozia, we set requirements for the groups that submit an affiliation request to Frozia’s Public Relations department. Located below are all of the requirements your group must meet prior to applying. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a denial of your affiliation application/request.

  • You must obtain at least 20 non-botted group members.
  • Your Discord server must obtain at least 30 non-botted server members.
  • You cannot sell MR+ ranks (or ranks obtaining admin commands).
  • Your group needs to have an active, friendly, and welcoming community.
  • Must contribute to our group and announce our events.
  • Have a Middle Rank, High Rank, and Senior High-Rank team equipped to effectively and appropriately manage your group at all times.

:question: Meet our requirements and want to apply for an affiliation? Send a neatly formatted message to one of our Chief Relations Officers. Please wait for up to 48 hours for a reply.

  • Provide us your group’s name, Roblox group link, and server invite.
  • Provide us with two representative’s Roblox usernames and Discord names + tags.
  • Why do you want to form an affiliation with Frozia?
  • How can Frozia benefit from this affiliation?
  • How is your group different and stands out from others?
Recipe Guide


Star Scooper Promotion Guide

:trophy: Are you an Experienced Scooper wondering what you need to do to get promoted? Check out the following recommendations to receive a promotion.

  • Play the parlor for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Utilize professionalism and actively do your job (don’t stand around or “supervise”).
  • Actively assist Customers with their questions and service requests.
  • Don’t ask for a recommendation or promotion and don’t hint.
  • Work hard and have fun, don’t overwork or stress yourself.
  • Assist lower ranks behind the register
  • Complete all of the above tasks daily
Ban Appeals

:hammer: To appeal a ban or blacklist, please ensure you fill out this form & read the following requirements before submitting an appeal. Any questions regarding appeals can be directed to a Human Resources member.

  • Must have waited over a week after your ban/pban/blacklist was issued.
  • Must be respectful about it & not start drama. Doing so will lead to an immediate decline of your appeal.
  • Must be patient throughout the whole progress. Don’t expect us to immediately contact you.
  • Must agree to follow all of our regulations.

To appeal, please fill out the ban appeal form here. If the link doesn’t work, please contact any management member or above for a link.

Group Links

:link: While on your journey at Frozia, we have some vital links for you to maintain. Located below are links to help navigate you around our group for a more effective visit. For questions or inquiries, message a member of the Human Resources Department.

Main Group Links
:link: Frozia Group
:link: Scooper Guide
:link: Developer Credits

Game Links
:link: Frozia Gelato Parlor
:link: Frozia Training Hub
:link: Frozia Quiz Centre

Credits to @ursunsets for creating this handbook

:alarm_clock: This handbook was last edited on February 12th, 2023 .