FruitFusion Public Handbook

:palm_tree: Introduction

Adorations, welcome to FruitFusion Official Public Handbook! This handbook has been written and made by the official leadership team of FruitFusion. All information is sadly not included here due to Roblox Terms of Services, so please ask a member of our team that is related with Relations, Staffing or Leadership. We hope that the handbook has helped you in any way and we are gladly happy to answer any questions needed.

Directory of Contents

Department Information

:busts_in_silhouette: Department Information

In order for FruitFusion to function, the Leadership Team has established two departments that would help the Leadership Team to operate in order to have success. And after establishing the two departments, we have eventually hired tons of new members to have an position in one of their preferred department they have selected. And if you ever need to contact one of them but don’t know which one to talk with, we have you covered. Please look below to see the departments information.

Relations Department
Deals with affiliation, social media, newsletters, engagement & ect

Staffing Department
Deals with reports, employment, sessions, punishments & ect

Terms of Services
  • Do NOT advertise in any way.
    We do not accept any form of advertising in our community and you will be getting a warning depending on the severity and then a ban if continued. If you do receive a punishment, we urge you to appeal it immediately as this could affect your reputation with us if you ever look for employment with us and ect.

  • You must keep all politics subjects outside of the server at all cost.
    We do not accept or let anyone talk or bring up any subjects about politics due to the fact that it will bring drama, lots of fighting and could ruin our reputation. And if we see a individual talking or bringing a subject about politics, they will be banned and they may appeal depending on it’s severity. Here, in FruitFusion, we want to remain all subjects and topics appropriate as we want to have a good look towards our name.

  • Terms of Regulations of ROBLOX & Ect
    As a individual who will be with FruitFusion during our journey, you must be aware that we will be using these two platforms so we expect everyone to follow those two platforms Terms of Regulations. If we do see a individual break a violation from one of those platforms, we will give you the same similar punishment as the platform would give you.

  • Personal Information
    As a individual member, we expect you to not be sharing your personal information as they’re supposed to be kept private just for you. If someone ever asks to know about your personal information, please make sure to remind yourself that no one needs to have it as you can get exposed to any website and you may get some unexpected stuff happening. If so, FruitFusion does not take any responsibilities whatsoever as it is your responsibility not to share your personal information.

There are more but still needs to be followed.

Affiliation Expectations

:construction: Unfortunately, we are not looking for any affiliates at the moment. More information will shortly be provided in our communications server.

Frequently Asked Questions

:question: Frequently Asked Questions

What ranks are considered as a High Rank?
Executive Assistant is considered as a High Rank and +.

Who do I report to when there’s a troller?
You open a ticket and wait for a Middle Rank+ to respond and help you inside the game.

How can I get a rank with the Management Team?
The Staffing Department will always try find their best time in the month to start recruiting more new members to our team and we look forward seeing you with our Management Team in the future if you wanna make your journey lounger here at FruitFusion.

How come my ticket takes a long time to get attention?
Here, we aim to give perfect service in perfect time to give the best look to our name and corporation at all times. But unfortunately, majority of our employed members will take a long time to give attention to the ticket due to various of reasons. Such as lack of availability, available people online, prioritized tickets & ect. But here, at FruitFusion, we make sure that everyone gets the perfect service from our staff team.

How can I sponsor a giveaway?
Please DM ceayia for more information if you want to sponsor a giveaway. If you want to do a ROBUX giveaway the prize must be 100+. Don’t even bother if it is below 100, you are always able to sponsor a giveaway in the future once you have 100+ robux.

Will FruitFusion ever talk about any political subjects?
No one in our staff team is allowed to talk about any political while they are inside of our servers and game. But however, they are allowed to outside of our platforms. If any of our staff members does talk about any political subjects, we are not responsible for their actions as they did it outside of our platforms.


:open_book: Reading Conclusion

Thank you for taking a time of your day to read our Public Handbook and we hope that we’ve helped you in any way today. If you think you need to speak with someone, please find an available member from the Leadership or High Rank of Relations or Staffing. Thank you once again, have a lovely day/night.