Fruitie's | Community Guidelines

Fruitie’s Community Guidelines


The following guidelines have been created to ensure our community remains a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. By joining our group or any Fruitie’s owned games, you automatically agree to the following guidelines. Failing to abide by these guidelines will result in punishment.

  1. Disruptive Activities

1A) Trolling at any Fruitie’s owned game is strictly forbidden. Trolling may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Dancing on tables
  • Intentionally asking for items that are not on the menu (such as “Boneless Pizza”)
  • Bypassing the Roblox chat filter to send explicit messages
  • Spamming messages in the Roblox chat

1B) Advertising any assets, games, Discord servers, etc. in any Fruitie’s games or group wall is strictly permitted. In order to advertise at Fruitie’s, you must have explicit permission from a Vice President+

1C) Abuse of the Fruitie’s music system is strictly permitted. If you play an audio that falls under the following categories, you agree that we will skip your audio and blacklist it without giving you a refund in the currency it was purchased in:

  • Obnoxious, loud audios (earrape)
  • Bypassed audios (swearing)
  • Offensive audios (racist, homophobic, etc)
  1. Exploiting (glitches/vulnerabilities) & Hacking

2A) Exploiting glitches in the game is considered “exploiting” and will be punished. Glitching may include, but is not limited to:

  • Switching to first person camera to glitch through walls and gain unauthorized access to specific areas
  • Using gamepass items to glitch players

2B) Exploiting by the use of 3rd party exploit software is strictly prohibited under any circumstance and will result in an immediate ban. Usage of 3rd party exploit includes but is not limited to:

  • Unauthorized calling of remote events and functions
  • Modifying properties of the Humanoid
  • Attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in our code

If you happen to find a vulnerability or glitch in one of our games, feel free to create a ticket in our Discord server for the possibility of a small bug bounty. Depending on the severity, may include: Increased restaurant points, special role in the Discord server, or beta testing permissions

2C) Hacking/Breaching Systems
Hacking/Breaching into the Fruitie’s web server responsible for points, auto ranking, moderation activity and more without explicit permission from a developer is against our guidelines and is illegal in the United States of America under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and is illegal in many other countries. Depending on the severity, law enforcement may be contacted and involved in the situation.

  1. Employee Guidelines

3A) The act of point farming by using an alt account to hand items to is strictly prohibited. All item hand to logs are displayed on a publicly available board inside of the kitchen where any players can screenshot and report to their superiors. Point farming, depending on the severity, may result in an immediate demotion or warning.

  1. Miscelanious

In addition to the rules listed above, all of our games inherit the rules listed in the Roblox TOS found here

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