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Frutí | Promotion Guide

Welcome to Frutí’s Promotion Guide! If you are seeking to become an LR or even an MR, you are encouraged to read this guide on how to achieve your dream rank!

How can I become a Trainee here?

You can become a Trainee by applying at our Quiz Center! If you pass, you’ll be ranked automatically.

I’m a Trainee! Now what do I do?

Attend one of our regularly hosted training sessions! We do not have a session schedule yet, however, our HR Team will make an announcement once it is finalized.

I’m a Junior Barista! Now what do I do?

To become a Barista, you must achieve 175 points at the juice bar. To become a Senior Barista, you must achieve 400 points at the juice bar. Points can be earned by mopping spills, which are automatically generated. Point cheating and stealing spills is punishable by a demotion.

I’m a Senior Barista! Now what do I do?

If you wish to become a Staff Assistant, you have two options. You may either apply for MR, or you can work for it. More details can be found in the next section.

Staff Assistant Promotion Tips

If you desire to apply for MR, be sure to incorporate as much detail as possible and use proper grammar in your application. Long applications will be prioritized over shorter ones. Additionally, the more experience you have, the more likely you’ll be accepted.

However, if you desire to become an MR by working, here are some tips:

  • Be active. When we say this, we don’t mean work 12 hours at the juice bar 1 day and don’t work for the next 3 days. We mean work 1-2 hours daily.

  • Don’t hint. Hinting is when you make comments about becoming an MR/getting a promotion. An example of hinting: “I hope I get Staff Assistant soon!”

  • Be professional. Our Staff Management Department is looking for professional and helpful Senior Baristas to join the MR Team.

  • Don’t act like an MR. This means pretending to check any logs you don’t have access to, standing around the juice bar and supervising when there are open registers, etc.

Upon achieving Staff Assistant, all promotions from that point onward are earned by going above and beyond in your duties. This means supervising, attending sessions, etc.


Thank you for showing interest in Frutí! We are always here to help you in any way we can! If any questions or concerns arise, you are encouraged to contact a member of our HR Team.

Frutí Leadership Team