Full access to Developer Console for Team create members

One thing I am really surprised to see is that no one in team create has full access to the developer console in the game that they are in team create for :thinking:.

I am in quite a few team creates and have noticed that I am not able to see the developer consoles while inside the game/studio. I think this is a much needed feature for dev team(most likely scripters) for debugging purposes. I know some people are gonna say just use output(I use that as well) but you can’t really see everything in output.


Honestly I’m surprised this isn’t a thing already. I can’t see why, considering users with group edit permissions have access to the console on group games.


same, I think we should have the power though.

I support this, can be really annoying when trying to fix things and you don’t have access to the full devconsole.



I posted about this issue over a year ago.
Searching “team create developer console” gave me this.
They became aware of the issue and put it on their (now defunct) trello.

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I support this, though all my team creates are also group games. This would be useful for games outside of groups.

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Support, I don’t see any negatives that come from this.

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@Lilly_S so how does this work? How do we actually get this to happen.

I support this. Why is this not a thing already?

I’m not even sure.