[FULL-TIME] Taplay is hiring Remote Engineers

At Taplay we empower open-source. We strive everyday to provide high quality, and impactful games to humanity. We believe that one group can change the world, and as technology advances so do we. We are proud to announce that we are recruiting on a few engineers and employee’s to join our team.

We are creative individuals that love to get challenged with problems and solve them. If your someone who’s looking for challenges, loves open-source, and know’s there things, we would love to see what you’v got! We look into every applicant no matter the skill level.

We value all of our employees at Taplay, below are some things that we offer:

➜ Flexible work hours
➜ Get Instant feedback on your work
➜ Discounts for employees
➜ A diverse team, from around the globe
➜ Professional but enjoyable work environment
➜ Career training
➜ A variety of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and build something impactful
➜ Work with sharp-minded individuals

Currently Taplay, is seeking for a variety of positions, including:

➜ Full-Stack Engineer (Front-End and Back-End)
➜ Front-End Engineer
➜ Back-End Engineer
➜ Product Manager
➜ Social Media Manager
➜ 3D Modeler
➜ Animator
➜ Graphics Designer

➜ Have a strong passion for open-source
➜ Have experience with Git, and Rojo (GitHub is a bonus)
➜ Have experience developing games (web, or game)
➜ Have at least 2 years of experience
➜ Be curious, and be open to learn from peers
➜ Be a team player but, at the same time be independent

➜ Experience building games outside of Roblox
➜ Experience with the games industry
➜ Experience contributing to open-source projects
➜ Has knowledge with Artificial Intelligence, Math, or Physics

For the positions that we are seeking for, compensation is 100% negotiable, and it all depends on the candidate. If you are selected for further interviewing, and manage to pass behavioral and technical interviews, you will be given the total compensation that we are offering in an offer.

More information can be provided upon request.

You must be 13 years or older, to apply for the positions listed.
To apply, please email semagnbereket@gmail.com, with the subject “TAPLAY JOB APPLICATION” and include a copy of your Resume and CV Letter and/or your portfolio that showcases your work.

If you prefer to apply for the position in another way, you can reach me @bereketsemagn on Twitter, or here on the DevForums.

IMPORTANT: Even if you think your not good enough, still apply! You will have until November 1st, 2020 at 11:59PM until applications close for review. Give it your best shot, and good luck!

Taplay’s Twitter: @teamtaplay

What is your budget for this project and on average what you’re willing to pay overall on average per dev?


Hey DevourerOfBread,

So basically, there is Taplay, the main group. Then under there are a bunch of teams that work on different aspects for the company, wheater that’d be web or game development.

That being said, each team will have a budget set, and it’s confidential at the moment, and can be discussed via getting an offer.

I will say thought payment can be in USD or Robux.

Thanks, have a great day!

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Hi! Super interested. Sent you a dm on Twitter.

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Hey rxsebvndit,

Glad your interested! I’ve seen your message, and replied.
Good luck on your application!


Just a reminder to everyone, applications are still open!
Feel free to apply, we’re not only looking for just Engineers, there are several open positions.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.
PS: Even if you don’t think you fit all requirements, still apply! You might be selected for a further interview proccess.

Happy applying!

Hi there Freshly,

I have a concern in regards to the application. If I attach a portfolio, do I have to attach a Resume/CV, and if I do a Resume, will I be required to attach a CV.

Thank you very much,

Hey msami7893,

Nope! A CV Letter is not required, but is recommended. If you’d like to send a CV Letter go for it. However, if you don’t it won’t affect you. We just said we would like to because it gets us a sense of you, and your passion.

Thanks, good luck!

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Thank you for your elaboration,

Does your studio have a ROBLOX group and is FreshlyDeveloped your main account?

At the moment, nope.
Our main goals, are recruiting developers and employees and discussing everything that needs to be, and to start working. We’re not looking towards creating a group until later on in development.

FreshlyDeveloped is a work account, however I’ve been on Roblox since 2016, and I do have other personal accounts for friends, etc.

Thanks in advance,

We are still looking for anyone that’s curious!
Applications close on November 1st, 2020 at 11:59PM.

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