Fully animated a vibe game I've been working on

Made over 40+ unique animations for this game, and some stunning photography taken, this was made for a sole reason of showcase, see pictures below and a link to try it out!

Try it:


Wow I like the graphic keep the good work


definitely gives off a chill vibe. The lighting and atmosphere are nice, and mesh well together. Nice work.

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Very neat game idea by engaging the player’s to catch a vibe. I really liked your artwork/music and detail on your build, you did a really good job there! There were a couple problems/issues imo.

  1. The game is all about vibing out, and after one good vibe soundtrack played, the sound stopped and didn’t play another song so it was not appealing just hearing footsteps with nothing else playing.

  2. On one of the sofa’s you sit the wrong way and it looks really weird. I tried sitting correctly but it still didn’t work.

  3. You should make a collision box around the map so players cannot kill themselves. Kinda kills the vibe lol yes pun intended :slight_smile:

  4. Make more things intractable maybe board games people can play while vibing out in the houses.

  5. Maybe add music choices after every song with a majority decision.


Hey, thanks for your feedback, will take this into consideration for sure! :slight_smile:

So, yes the music does stop but continues playing after a minute, it’s still an issue though.
There are around 10 songs in the queue currently that loop.

The sofa that you sit opposite direction was an intentional animation, to change it up a bit but… we’ll see.


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If your looking for a logo designer dm me Juuuses#1821

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Amazing bro! This is so good keep this up!


Wow, The place looks so Realistic!
The textures, the details. Especially The depth of field.
I always wondered how do we change animations ran by each seat part or something like that.
Anyway, keep up the good work.

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every year Roblox comes with community news and help improve Roblox Games and make it more realistic

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I like those lights.


a lot

EDIT: Just joined the game and can confirm I do like those lights


Place looks pretty realistic, nice job with this.

I noticed the song stopping after it ended, that’s about it.


I really like the sense of realism in there, good stuff Cyan.

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