Fully Customizable 3D Animated Mouse Cursor

Hey y’all, I was in the middle of another project and got a little carried away making this animated mouse cursor.

It points, taps, and grabs! Just like a REAL HAND!

[3DExM] 3D Expanded Mouse Module

This mouse module replaces the standard static icons that are already available on the marketplace with a Gui containing an animated 3D model made out of parts from Roblox! It’s also designed with deep customization in mind. You can swap the animations out for your own, or change the whole thing and make it completely unique! Just make sure to adjust/add a new camera to the viewportframe if you make any changes to the model itself!

It uses raycasting to detect parts to click on in the workspace, and is set up for interactivity with Gui as well.

It works with all Gui buttons, but anything you want to click on in the workspace has to be added to a whitelist contained in the ModuleScript.

It’s completely free to use and I made it as easily customizable as possible. The module comes with setup instructions in the form of a readme, as well as a ton of notes in the scripts themselves, both for myself and others who are new to Lua.

Let me know what you think!

Bug reports, feature requests, and any help with optimization would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!


Could you provide example pictures so people can get an idea of what they are getting?

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I was actually in the middle of adding them when you commented this lol