Fully textured NASCAR car [pics]

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new model for a recreated version of the racing game I’ve been working on since 2011.

Here is the “classic” kart model:

And here is the new model I have been working on, using full-coverage SurfaceGuis and ImageLabels:

I haven’t yet worked much on front end shading or contingencies (you know, those teeny tiny decals all NASCAR cars have on the front and sides) because they are a painstaking pain in the stake to put together.

Of importance here: only four images are on this car. The base color, the sponsors, the numbers, and the shading each have their own single texture sheet. I can make other base colors, other sponsors, other numbers, other shadings, and mix and match them… even in-game.


Das kool, reminds me a little bit of the cars that you’d find in 2008 XD

But not in the bad way!

I like the cartoony appearance of the car.

I do wish that I could do this with Decals instead of ImageLabels; it would make it look a whole lot better in several ways, including lighting – SurfaceGuis are not shaded or lit the way surfaces and decals are. Also, it would remove the gap between faces that I have had to hack my way around and not entirely remove. And finally it would most likely make it a little sharper.

But I will gladly take the advantages along with the disadvantages. I can make 10 different schemes with only 31 total uploaded images and then have 1,000 different combinations.

They should really add the features decals have to SurfaceGuis, except where it’s optional :?

Cool car though, I really like the classical cartoonish look!

SurfaceGui features that Decals should have:
li Non-shaded[/li]

Decal features that SurfaceGuis should have:
li Shaded[/li]
[li]Surface mapping (maybe impossible but nice idea)[/li]

If these were added, all would be right in the world. Decals and SurfaceGuis would still have distinct uses, but would be incredibly more versatile.

Nice work on the car, Qwerty!

I decided to work on a rather simpler, older model of car so as to have decent looking full-body shading without having to bang my head for too long over the new super-curvy, super-stock cars they’ve had since 2013. This is the sort of prettiness that the front end is supposed to have.

Also gives a perfect example of how I can mix-match layers to create custom hybrid cars.

(Yeah, I’ll have a version with black Pontiac text on the front to avoid that blurring.)

Contingencies will be a pain, but here’s Tony Stewart’s 1999 Home Depot Pontiac: