FuncFawn's Portfolio

Hello this is my profile portfolio,
Embarking on my Roblox development journey in 2019, I’ve accumulated over a year and a half of experience. Now at 17+, I’m actively seeking collaborations to push the boundaries of creativity and contribute to the Roblox community.

Current Projects

[•] Andromeda Research Institute - Architect

Blue Meteorite Studios - Owner

BA| Regiments Group - Owner

BA | Lepro’s British Army - Developer

$hankz - Developer

PB | Pastries Bakery - Vice Chairman (Developer)

PS | Puffin Studios - Developer

Sunnydale Games - Assigned in 1 game

I’m based in the GMT timezone and am generally available during daylight hours, though I can occasionally accommodate night-time collaborations as well. My schedule is flexible, allowing for productive partnerships across different time zones.

In terms of compensation, I exclusively accept Robux . I believe in fair pricing, so you can expect the cost to reflect the complexity and scale of the work required. We can discuss and agree on a reasonable rate based on the specific demands of the project.

Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or project discussions. You can contact me directly at or send me a private message right here on the Developer Forum. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Thanks for reading my portfolio! feel free to conatct me for any project or if you need any more informations!