Function breaks after player dies

I’ve been trying to make a text button where when the player clicks on it they die. Once they click on the text button they will of course die but a timer will also start counting down from 10 too prevent the player from spam clicking the reset text button. Creating a delay feature.

Here is what I have so far which is a script in the text button -

local function timer()
	local textbutton = script.Parent
	local minutes = 0
	local seconds = 10
		if seconds <= 0 then
			minutes = minutes - 1
			seconds = 59
			seconds = seconds - 1
		if seconds < 10 then
			textbutton.Text = tostring(minutes)..":0"..tostring(seconds)
			textbutton.Text = tostring(minutes)..":"..tostring(seconds)
	until minutes <= 0 and seconds <= 0

function onClicked(GUI)
	player = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Character:findFirstChild("Humanoid")
	if (player ~= nil) then
		player.Health = 0
	else return end

As soon as the player clicks the button they die and the timer starts counting down but as soon as they respawn the timer stops and disappears. I want the timer too keep counting down when the player respawns.

Video of issue -

Set the Screen GUI’s ResetOnSpawn property to false.

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