Function is not carrying parameters correctly, I think? Need help

I’m having issues sorting out my function, can someone help?

When I call the function [through a remote], I want it to slow me down the amount given, for the duration given.

This is the script in the remote script.

This is part of the local script in my tool, where I call the remote and include parameters.

There are no console errors, but it only prints up to “done2”, and my character is not moving. It will not move after the duration given, either.

Can anyone spot my mistake? I can’t seem to crack it and I’m fairly confident I am missing something obvious. Thank you.

When you call FireServer you don’t pass the player to it. That’s implied based on the client who calls FireServer. The first variable in OnServerEvent will be Player and the next two are also as expected. In your case just call it like this: casting:FireServer(12, 1)

of course, i’m silly for doing that i forgot lol, let me double check if it works,

it should because it passed the second variable as my speed amount and ignored the last, probably thinking that “player” was the duration/speed. thank you

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