Functional Katamari

I made this a while back, and I decided it would be neat to make a topic about it. It’s a Katamari ball that functions almost identically to the ones in the actual game. It progressively gets bigger the more stuff you pick up, allowing it to pick up larger and larger objects. It also comes with several color schemes chosen randomly, and some UI that tells you how large the katamari is as well as a 3D display of the thing you picked up most recently.

You can mess around with one here:


It doesn’t get big fast enough >: I wanna see it get to a scale of a building like my version does. The layering is nice and compact

If the layering wasn’t as compact as it is, you’d see quite a few floating parts.

That nostalgic feeling back when there was a game on the front page where you had to survive these.

Woh, that is a great re-make. I remember playing it on the PSP and a while ago on my parents iPhone 3.

The only thing that annoys me is how you can’t stop it from moving

I glitched when I got big enough. I spawnkilled people on my server and after a few loopkills it said I ate ‘base’ and showed my entire ball+picked up items in the ‘last picked up’ area.