Functioning Railway Crossing System for City Game

I’ve created a functioning Railway Crossing accompanied by the train and Railway Signals (all according to those found in southern Ontario).

I plan to implement this system for players in city-like game, but asked myself what further features could be implemented? Currently all train-related features are those that are shown, being the railway crossing, moving trains, realistic rail signals and warning horn when something is in the train’s path.

If you were playing a city roleplay game with this train system, what else might improve your experience with the train system (besides being able to board it)?


Another thing I was unsure about is the train’s speed. Is it going too slow or too fast?


I think its going a little too slow but not very slow. :+1:


Looks pretty decent to me, good work! As @awesomerobloxer7 said, the train does seem to be going a bit slow, would appreciate it if the train was going faster.