Furniture Implementation

Today, I’m making myself a very simple Roblox game, about having a regular life in a stud world, a survival/economy game.

For my houses, I would have to, obviously, make them in a 1 stud grid, and to make them look studded. I already have the main hall done for the house, but I’m not sure what to put in the living room, or where to put the kitchen and other necessities. Here are 2 screenshots of the already finished hallway, and the empty area I want to work on:

The hallway:

The big, empty space:

I know you need a couch, a table, a TV and other living room things, but I don’t know where to put them. I did try adding a couch but it looked ugly, it was too big, too “open”, I just didn’t know what to do.

If you have anything to share, please comment it down below. Thank you.



I added a little kitchen, to atleast use up some space in this house:

What you can do is use a blueprint to figure out the layout. The furniture placement can be decided by what’s most convenient for the player or where it’s not blocking their path, or just use google and lookup people’s house setup. The tv most of the time goes by the couches so people can watch it and there could be a table for the tv to sit on. If the space is too big just shrink it. Imagine that there is someone living in this house. What would they most likely do with their setup?

That’s what I’m struggling with, what would a player expect for a house? Where does the furniture go here?

I did use some inspiration from Google images, and some other websites, and they did seem to help but they all look “2023”, I want this to be kind of old.

And the furniture I make itself doesn’t look as great.