Furniture Models Feedback

I’ve been working on models for furniture for a while now and I want to get some feedback on my 2 best examples of work.
If you could, please tell me what I should change or add.

Model 1 (Shelf)

Unfortunately I was not able to find the .rbxm for this one. So here is a render I made a while back of it

Model 2 (TV Shelf/Stand)


Model 1 looks nice and detail. Model 2 looks good as well, but the red on the TV is kind of weird. They both look good, keep up the work :smiley:

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Model 1 feedback:

  • Make sure you’re careful with parts overlaying, sometimes it can glitch out or affect the overall design. In this model, I can actually see the bottom overlapping the side part.

Model 2 feedback:

  • There is way too much white, I would make it a little too darker or add more colour types.
  • Adjust the tv screen, making it simple with just a black screen should be fine.

the red on the TV is just a placeholder design for when i’m actually going to put something on the screen

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yeah I have a bad habit of not fixing overlapping part. Also were you saying the frame was too dark or not dark enough?

This just might be from the angle, but in model 1 the bottom shelf looks like it’s gap between it is off from the others. The border between too looks like it is bigger than the other. Like the others said, there is a lot of Z-Fighting (Overlapping parts). Try not to put parts in the same position or else they look weird.

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Some feedback on Model 2, the TV in proportion to the stand is very off, I’d suggest making the TV much bigger to accommodate for the big stand, or else it will look like a monitor in a TV stand.

Otherwise, I wish you luck!

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The bookshelf looks great!

The tv stand is nice as well, I would just critique the size of the TV relative to the stand. Usually if someone would be ordering such a large tv stand, they would have a large TV to go with it. The TV being small and next to the console causes it to be offset and leaves a large uneven section of white behind it. I would suggest marking the TV larger, centering it with the wall behind it, and possibly even mounting it to the wall rather than using a stand.

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