Future engine problem

I have a problem here, looking on object sometimes makes my skybox go black.

Deleting and changing engine helps me, but i don’t want to remove this object from my game, and also change engine, any solutions i can try?

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Try resetting your studio settings, then restart studio.

Or try uninstalling studio then re-install studio.

This could be cause studio isn’t fully updated, or it is cause one of the settings could be causing it.

Have you changed any of the skybox settings? I was wondering if you accidentally set the Transparency of the decal that skybox image is made of.
Decals that have a Transparency of anything other than 0 can have issues when viewed ‘through’ other Parts that have their Transparency greater than 0.

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Okay, so i change my skybox to almost same one, and it fixed for me!
Now i noticed another problem, this bug happens on 1-2 level of graphics, on third one it disappears