Future Is Bright: Phase 1 Released


well still not neccesarily very healthy, despite how amazing it is :upside_down_face:

how is that even achieved ?


This should be kept in my opinion. Uncapped brightness values are the way of the future. :clap:


By putting their values very high or very how (under zero).


Still, I at very least ask all fellow Devs to be as responsible to actually add an Epilepsy warning into the game description & tweets.

That shouldn’t be too much asked for.


I’m curious if any efforts will be made to improve the fluidity of moving lights.

As you can see by this gif there is a strange trail left behind when the spotlight turns that gifs an undesirable trail effect.

In addition I am curious if any efforts will be made to make lighting that is farther away from the camera more fluid as well.


I have the same problem with both modes

I think it might get worked on in part 2 or 3 of FiB?


I hated this update at first, all the colors were washed out and dark, but after hours of constantly adjusting and playing around, I finally got it to look good, and honestly prefer this new lighting much, much more than the legacy lighting.


Can’t wait until shadow maps, already looks closer to cartoony Unity shaders

This image was made by Gyazo gang


I would like to share an “issue” I’ve encountered with shadows on reflective parts a while ago.
I don’t know if it’s been adressed before, but a PointLight inside of a MeshPart is seemingly causing the humanoid’s shadow to appear in the same colour as the PointLight.


Since nothing in my game is final, I don’t mind sharing the properties:

Water part properties


Lighting properties

StarterCharacter structure

Lamp light properties


If you’re wondering why I’m parenting these extra objects to the player model, it’s because the Humanoid has it’s own shadow, which conflicts with the accessories if I don’t parent them to the player model.


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There’s some studio setting to “fix” that, but unfortunately I can’t remember which setting/property or if it even still exists.


Can you share part of the place or a simpler repro with these settings that shows the problem? (feel free to send it via PM). That would make it easier for us to understand what’s going on; the videos do look like a bug.


I don’t think this is a severe bug? As far as I know these examples are made using extreme out-of-range values for some input parameters - while we could probably limit them to avoid the problem, it doesn’t seem like such a serious issue since fundamentally developers are responsible for the visual results of their games :slight_smile: As is likely obvious the behavior highly depends on the internal implementation and might change at some point.


Ever so slightly off topic but, I came across this on twitter and was like, ‘woah’.

Check out @ArtBlox_406’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ArtBlox_406/status/1080362136629624832?s=09


WHAT? Is that real? My FIB implementations look nothing like that


Yeah that’s what I thought, but in other clips the d dev is walking around with a roblox character


This MIGHT be some sort of gametest or so with the other three phases implemented. Though I’m not sure, it looks even more insane than I’ve seen of those… So I guess we’ll see later


This is from a custom Studio build that has all of Future Is Bright phases, not just Phase 1; you can download the build from https://roblox.github.io/future-is-bright/


I like it. It does make the games look more brighter and slightly more realistic. It would definitely benefit when I make street lights or traffic lights.


Hope to use it to make my games more better then the normal brighter.