Future Is Bright: Phase 1 Released


When using the custom Studio build, how do new updates work? Does the custom client get overwritten with the normal client, do I install them manually?


Excuse me if I read your post wrong, but the custom studio build doesn’t do any change to the current build. You have to download the custom Studio folder and open studio inside that folder.


Or you can use @CloneTrooper1019 's Roblox Studio Mod Manager which launches your desired version and pretty sure it auto-updates as well.


Eh, I never liked the mod manager due to issues using it. But I don’t know if that’ll work for it or not.


I didn’t understand that they were separate. Thanks!


This new lighting is awesome! I can’t wait for the future of this lighting and the other phases! :smiley:


The Future is Bright branch was completely removed from Roblox Studio Mod Manager because:


I really love the lighting, can’t wait for the full phase.


Looks good! The best thing is finding the right textures to use.


That looks gorgeous. Is that Voxel lighting or is the full FIB version?


Full FIB version! The second picture is a bit old due to the glare on the tree, but I use Slate for realistic material. If you want to have good environment, use Slate as the material to prevent that kind of glare.


That looks like my modded Skyrim, nicely done.


Thank you for beautifully displaying the possibilities of FIB. Wow. This would benefit future games or even movie making in the game. Never knew ROBLOX could ever look this amazing.




Feel free to pass over any issues you’ve had. I’d be happy to look into them.


I wish that tree had normal maps! it would look a lot more realistic x) sadly we cant yet. but good job there


It can, only reason in that picture it doesn’t is due to it not being sand* material. Let me post a picture of it with sand.


Oh i mean custom materials!


Btw i invite you to download the V16 of Future is bright on github

And show us how does it behave with all the 3 Phases.
This is my example:


Nice photo!
I already have V16 downloaded and using it for all my groups new places.