Future Is Bright: Phase 1 Released


If I recall correctly zeuxcg said that Roblox would be looking into user uploadable normal and specular mapping a while back.


@zeuxcg In the current versions of FIB shadowmap/future mode, there’s what I presume to be a bug that creates an annoying and blinding glare on surfaces that a lightsource hits.

The problem this creates is that you cannot light a dark surface without causing a huge glare. This is pretty annoying and hard to work with.

Examples 1:

Lighting mode: Future

Lighting mode: Future

Lighting mode: Voxel

Lighting mode: Voxel

Lighting mode: Voxel but the lightsource is turned off

Lighting mode: Voxel but the lightsource is turned off

Example 2:

Lighting mode: Future

Lighting Mode: Future

Lighting mode: Voxel

Lighting Mode: Voxel

Example 3:

Lighting mode: Future

Lighting mode: Future

Lighting mode: Voxel

Lighting mode: Voxel

Reminder that these are all light sources with low brightness and bloom doesnt affect this.

From what I’ve tested, the previous version of FIB (v15) still has this issue however it is not nearly as bad.

It can be quite a pain to deal with and it doesn’t make sense that we can’t light surfaces without big glowing halos of light appearing on anything regardless of it’s material.

Will there be a way to adjust this shiny glow affect or even disable it in the future?


I wish i had this future i want to try it out! :slight_smile:


You can have the feature. If you download it from the GitHub link that SuperiorArchitect provided.

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Cant wait for the full release of future is bright Phase 1 is starting to make wait for the other phases for the future is bright


I have to say the voxel lighting has had a trematodes impact on the visuals/architectural design quality at my group base.
RobloxScreenShot20190203_194540202|690x463 ![RobloxScreenShot20190203_194905061|690x445]

RobloxScreenShot20190203_194956862|690x453 !


Hey, question; When is phase 2 getting released? I love the progress of the current lighting system so far and I am so excited for the rest of the lighting system! :star_struck:


I have the same question, how is the phase 2 going


Just like last time, I bet that the point where we start to ask and worry. They are about to announce the next big update.


For people currently using the voxel technology, will future phases be updated straight to Lighting.Technology.Voxel, or will there be more upcoming options to Lighting.Technology? I’m concerned about this because judging by how different phases 1 and 3 are (I’ve experimented with phase 3 on the GitHub already), that upcoming releasing phases will mess up the lighting for many developers games when they’re not ready for it.


Maybe an option for all the various stages of the lighting system + the legacy lighting system would be a good addition? As @Csdi said:

He’s worried for that the lighting system improvements might mess up games out there (i.e. overexposure) because they aren’t ready for it, and I agree.

I have no idea how you’re going to do this, but one way could be i.e. gradually making the new phases the new default after they’ve been optional for a little while so the developers get some time to optimize their games for it.


Woot! This will make roblox a huge production, can’t wait to use it!


Your questions were actually answered in the main topic post. Please make sure to read it before asking questions! Quotes, emphasis mine:

Since Voxel is the fallback for the yet-to-be-released phase 2 and 3 modes, Roblox will need to make sure that phase 2 and 3 look close enough to it. I wouldn’t worry about them looking too different.

Also, this is something to note. I feel like you might be interested since you care about visual changes when the technology switches. Legacy will eventually use Voxel with tweaked internal values:

And yes, you will be warned before this happens:

Also, @Rawbyte since you commented on this.


Pardon me, but I think you are partly incorrect. I’m going to call phase two and phase three shadowmap lighting since that’s what they are in general. There will be a pretty big difference between voxel and shadowmap and you can already see that in the beta version of studio.

In terms of “looking close” I think Roblox intends to ensure that there are no negative differences in the way shadowmap lighting looks when compared to voxel. It wouldn’t make sense to cut down on the quality of shadowmap just so it’s more consistent with an updated version of the very old voxel lighting we currently have.

This is all assuming that you are referring to the “future” / shadowmap lighting that’s being focused on in phase two and three, not more changes being made to voxel lighting.


I think you misunderstood what I meant. I was not saying that all aspects of phase 2+ will be the same as phase 1 – that would make no sense! Rather, I’m saying that the overall tone, colors, brightness, and saturation must be similar between the two.

To my understanding, phase 2+ is intended to improve lighting behavior, but not make significant changes to brightness, saturation, bloom, etc.

Between Legacy and Voxel, lights can go from perfect to blindingly bright. A desaturated orange can become a deeply saturated red. A balanced darkness can become too dark to see.

With the transation from Voxel to phases 2+ (shadowmap), these issues cannot occur, or must occur very rarely. Otherwise, it would be entirely unreasonable to fallback old devices to voxel – it would make games unplayable.

As the topic post states:

While phase 2+ does look awesome, the primary changes are to the shadow behavior. In this manner, phase 2+ should be very similar to voxel in looks: voxel will essentially be a blocky, less-detailed version of shadowmap.


Ah, I see what you mean, thank you for clarifying. I’m glad that Roblox is taking so many steps to ensure that the transition to the new lighting engine is seamless.


There will be more upcoming options. We do not intend to change .Voxel appearance substantially short of bug fixes and potential future improvements to skylight factor. Future updates will be opt-in, similarly to how .Voxel was.


Any other things that will be added with this update?


Do we know when the next beta build of FIB is coming?

Also is the bug report page for the FIB GitHub still monitored?