Future Is Bright: Phase 1 Released


I legit would love to have those.


Swear people on fandom are amazing.

Yep 2006 - 2007 there was lens flare.


How do you even get that lighting? Lol.

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ColorCorrection with the saturation turned up to like I think 999999 or something.

Extremely high values result in some trippy effects, and it’s pretty cool.


Lmao, I want to try this so bad, I’m going to do this now, thanks.


I don’t know if this has been mentioned or if it’s the right location to say this but would this new engine help with bad stuttering and screen tearing. I’m also a dev and was wondering if I made a FPS game it would be fixed because it bugs me a lot and maybe this new engine would free space on cpu to eliminate stuttering at least. If you need to know my specs are fx4130 cpu
MSI amd R7 260x oc 2gb. Note that changing graphic settings don’t change. I can move this comment as a thread if needed just need to tell me because for me it’s in the middle of a question for fib phases and suppport.

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I think screen tearing is a general issue with Roblox. I’ve tested certain gaming PCs in stores and had screen tearing just like I get at home on my desktop and laptop. Happens to AMD and Nvidia cards too it seems.

I doubt that this lighting engine will fix it, it’s just a new lighting engine not a new rendering engine.


Vsync. Most graphics cards have options for it. Sometimes, you have to manually enable it for certain games.


Hoping for new information sometime this week. Would love some updates from time to time.

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Even forcing it inside Nvidia control panel doesn’t Totally fix the issue


For me it don’t work it makes it worse. Probobly updating the rendering engine might help which I thought you would need to do that for updating lighting engine. Btw nice fire it looked real good.

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Ah, the long awaited update to Studio. Can’t wait to use it for my future games.


very cool


I only have one word to describe this!

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I’m really loving this new system.


In the FiB studio (v16), I built something. I have to say, this will turn out to be one of the best, and remembered updates.


When will we get a new build of FIB studio?


They’ll most likely release it within a few weeks or at least April. I noticed that they usually release new FiB builds of Studio about every three months, so you should probably expect a new build dropping soon.


The thing is, we haven’t gotten a new build since December. I was thinking maybe next week.


Are we ever going to be able to de-couple neon and bloom? The fact that neon is tied to the amount of light falling on the neon, the colour of the neon, the players bloom settings, and any transparent parts in-front of the neon rather than just being neon has consistently annoyed me.