Future Is Bright: Phase 2 - Studio beta

It seems shadow maps are now live in game? Is there going to be an update regarding this?

The announcement post is in the works if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this is meant to be this way but I just noticed that even if the server is on Voxel and the GlobalShadow property is disabled, there is an accurate shadow coming from the dragon:

Any explanation on why this is happening? Not that I need it disabled on my game but I’m just kinda curious.


I think this is the humanoid shadow - and the dragon tool is parented to your character model, thus the shadow casted is accurate - even if there’s not supposed to be a cast.


This is truly the most amazing updates as far no gonna lie. Thank you for this update! :upside_down_face:

I have a good question: Do stationary parts has less performance impact than mobile parts, with CastShadows being enabled both?

If the sun is stationary, probably. But, if the sun is moving, I would say both would take the same amount of time to calculate. Just my two cents.

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I took some photos of my theme park using shadow mapping, thought it made the park look a lot nicer.

(🎢 Theme Park Blox World - Roblox)


Loving all this new lighting technology, looking forward to seeing these on games soon :smiley:

I was expecting them to be too, but the new lighting doesn’t seem to recognize the alpha regions of my cloud textures (only regions that are sufficiently solid cast shadows), and the edges of the shadows that do manage to render are very sharp, since it doesn’t recognize the distance from the clouds to the object that the shadow is being casted on (higher clouds don’t cast softer shadows).

EDIT: Here’s how they look. In some cases, some shadows completely blanket entire cities.

…and the view over the cloud layers. Only the layers that have textures with a Transparency below 0.5 cast shadows - in this case, just the top layer (0.4).

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Shadowmaps are now enabled on Jailbreak! Thanks SO MUCH to everybody involved in this. This is truly something else.

I’ll keep an ear out for players complaining about performance. This just came out a half hour ago but so far nothing! :slight_smile:
Again, THANK YOU! :heart:


It looks really amazing in Jailbreak overall! I can’t thank roblox enough for making this update possible :smile:

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You know what, I’ve got a bug I believe.

I’ve got players on mobile devices (where shadowmaps aren’t on yet) not able to see spotlights in our jewelry store. The lights are cast onto textures if that’s any help. I just checked on desktop and they were there clear as day. Maybe this’ll fix itself when shadowmaps reach mobile.


Just out of curiosity, how are you keeping the neon glow with ShadowMap?


GAME | https://www.roblox.com/games/2570292332/HELSINKI-TestPlace

Found out what caused it, i had an active time cycle moving the sun every 0.05 seconds, which destroyed lower end hardwares framerate.

Hot tamales thats alot of GPU usage. Looks amazing though.

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I believe we have a bug where on mobile ShadowMap reverts to Legacy instead of Voxel :-/ We will need to fix this obviously, this is not the intended behavior.

Yup, confirmed. We forgot to flip a configuration switch to handle this correctly; since it’s the weekend, this will have to wait until Monday but should be fixed then.


Since FIB2 is now officially live, please leave all further feedback in Future Is Bright: Phase 2 Released or new threads.