Future is Bright Phase 3 Released

It’s live on JAILBREAK! It’s beautiful! Talk about a stress test, we have a ton of light sources going on.

Definitely seeing artifacts on some lights. Could be the 60 range as somebody above mentioned. Otherwise loving this!

Edit: Left a post a few replies below about performance complaints I’m seeing


Wow , this is an awesome update

I’m so glad this update finally released! My game’s been optimized for it for a while now, and I’m so happy everyone can see the game as I intended it to be seen… except, uh, maybe it’s not optimized, because sometimes I get these issues where the shadows just refuse to update, as seen in this picture:

When it works though, it looks stunning! I think my main issue is that I’m casting too many lights.


Trying the update right now in my game, and I’m getting some very strange shadow rendering. Whenever I look at some light sources at certain angles, this happens:


This is amazing, though, this needs some perfomance fixes.


Awesome update! I mean, seriously, hats off to everybody who was involved in the development of this. It is absolutely game-changing!

My one concern is that it is commonly said that “the new lighting does not impact performance”, and I’ve been hearing this since the switch from Compatibility to Voxel. My game drops FPS for every change I make. Compatibility provides the best performance, followed by voxel, then shadow map, and finally future (the order makes sense).

There is a clear impact on performance from each one, and I’m not sure if this is limited to only my game, but I believe a ticket was filed already for this:

Ok. Update on performance complaints from the millions that have played since enabling this feature.

Seeing complaints that this update is requiring players to lower their graphics settings, which in turn lowers their render distance and other unrelated quality settings. I hate asking for options, the best “option” is having it just work for everybody. With that said, is there a way we could allow players to toggle Future lighting separately from Graphics Quality?

We’re tempted to disable Future lighting later today and go back to Shadowmap but I’m going to give this a few more hours for more responses.

Bugs wise, I’m seeing weird artifacts on our brakelights, which might be related to Range being 60. I’m also seeing shadows being slow to update in some chunks, headlights don’t keep up ahead of the vehicle for example, but this might be part of making it more performant which makes sense. I’m surprised it’s running as well as it is! It’s gorgeous for the most part!

Anyways, that’s my two cents! Super thrilled with Future lighting. I spent all night roaming around Jailbreak having my mind blown!


I would say that future doesn’t make a huuuuuuge difference, but I do certainly make things look better, but it mostly determines on what you prefer and what’s best for the players, and whether you prefer graphics or performance.

Max range definitely seems like the only way to make FiB work in my opinion, just because otherwise you get very linear looking cutoffs for PointLights (which should cut off with the inverse square law), but I’m getting lots of those artifacts at max render settings when playing Jailbreak, on a decent PC that maintains 60 FPS.

Seems like the artifacts are dependent on both your quality level settings, and your camera’s distance from the shadow. Lower quality settings/higher camera distance will decrease the threshold range at which you’ll get the shadow bug:

I kinda liked the way shadows dynamically moved in Jailbreak, and I think you pulled it off pretty well, but I can’t say it necessarily makes the game look better stylistically, just because FiB3 tends to make things really dark in general (I’d almost recommend you use a time of day-based color correction system to make it pop while Future lighting is enabled).


I can confirm you that there is a huge drop in performance when in Jailbreak with graphics 3 and above on my laptop.


Unfortunately this feature should be reverted back to Beta. There is too many bugs with this new lighting and huge performance drop. 3 lights with 3 bricks are already dropping my 120fps+ to < 25fps! and it has a lot of bugs like this:


Definitely see the problem in-games like Jailbreak,
the lighting has a few bugs, but overall this is very good to see Roblox turn into a better platform with the lighting!


Made a tree picture
-phase 3 with clouds


Before asimo switched the lighting, I could maintain 60 FPS at graphics quality 7 but after he switched the lighting, I can only maintain 60 FPS at the lowest setting. This feature does not feel ready to be released because of how bad the performance is.

The specs of my system:


I’ve been experiencing major performance issues as well. Normal fps would be around 60 in my game and when enabling this I drop to around 12. There’s also multiple reports from my player base.


Yeah, I just remember there being 3 phases. Regardless, finally seeing this feature out of beta is a great plus for the game and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stop here!

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Never thought Future looked that great but that’s probably because I very rarely see pictures where it’s used well. (also, the performance issues and glitches people have mentioned earlier in the thread)

But at the same time I know a lot of people really like the “realism” that it brings.

So… yay? IDK how to really feel about this. FiB isn’t as cool as it used to be for me :confused:

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After so many time! But when the PBR is release? But thanks to you, after so many time we get Future!


This is probably one the hugest changes roblox has ever made.

I most likey love the lighting but reading the replies above,I can tell alot of people are finding alot of bugs with the new lighting.

In the post said it’s not final so, we could expect fixes on the new lighting soon.


Not sure if anyone else has had the same thing but I find that when tweening a light’s colour it’s shadows don’t update for ages and it causes a kind of strobe effect. This might be the case for brightness too but I haven’t checked that

I also get these weird shadows but they generally disappear within a second or so image