Future is Bright - Shadowmap Lighting


I got back to Studio to work on one of my projects that has some cool modern lighting and design!

I first worked with Future Technology, but then switched to ShadowMaps due to perfomance issues. I tried to gain as realistic lighting as possible without using Future Technology.

Right now you can see on the Images(s) & GIF the progress. I worked on the Welcome that also include some cool Smooth Color Fading Backlighting Technology!

I am open up to all sorts of constructive feeback and ideas what must/should be changed to make it look even better.

We have tested the game for perfomance with this technology and it goes all the way up to 60fps with no problems! :slight_smile:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for checking the post! :relieved:


Amazing work. The only thing I would say is to fix up this, looks a bit unnatural:


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Man that to much for Roblox, I mean it awesome! keep it up

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Oh! Dang! Yes it looks bit way to bright in there. I should reduce intensity of the light! :slight_smile:

Thanks for noticing!

Thanks! Glad to hear that you like it.

This doesn’t looks like a Roblox anymore…