Future Is Bright Tease - Showcase

I’ve made a showcase that took an entire month to plan, then to create, I hope I did well, please let me know what I should add next inside the showcase,

I call it ‘The Overgrown Palace’.

Tell me how I did and what else should I add or create a new area, thanks!

Also I can not link the game as it’s on 10 frames per second.


wow that looks amazing! I would love for roblox to make the showcase actually playable lol


woah that’s great ! but it not show off full of FIB Techonology enough.
i suggest you hmmmm add some sunrays to make it more bright ( Sunrays not Normal Bright )
Also the terrain seem really boring with me, it’s just green or you’re still working on it ? Maybe try to build up some rocks and flowers.
Thank you.

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The grass is highlighted with FIB, but I do agree, sunrays should be added, and rocks and flowers would even them up a bit, thank you for the info!

The showcase is slowly being converted to FIB_3. And may take some time, a lot will be changed, thank you for your support.