Future Lighting acting weird

4th problem i’m having with Future Lighting today. >:/

So for some reason this PointLight i have decides to start doing this:

Instead of this:

I’m not sure what’s happening. When i adjust the position of the PointLight (which is in the lantern) it does the second picture, if i move my camera after that, it does the first picture.

The build and Lighting is unfinished.

Any help would be appreciated :+1:


I think Future lighting is in beta, so there might be some problems.
Correct me if I’m wrong.


It’s in Roblox Studio now (not just Beta Studio), so i wouldn’t expect too many bugs. To be honest, it looks amazing, but iv’e already seen so many people having problems with it, problems that i myself still have, that i would prefer if it we’re taken back into beta and released when it’s ready.

Also for the weird thing, i re-opened the file and it seems to have gone away for now…

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Maybe it’s item’s shadows. Not sure