Future lighting is extremely bright from afar

At this point I’ve become extremely disappointed with Future lighting.

At first, it doesn’t light up the ceiling as I expected… and now this. Even with my graphics max out at both in-game and in Studio, areas far away from my character brightens up too much.

Are there any solutions to this issue?


From what I know, there may not be a solution to fix this unless you adjust the settings to all your lights. The reason why it looks the way it does is that it is “reverting back” (may not be the right term) to voxel lighting when far away to save on your device’s resources. This happens on all devices except mobile since it doesn’t have future lighting and defaults to “ShadowMap” lighting.

What I suggest is trying to make the lighting fit when swapping between the two lighting systems (easiest by swapping the graphics between 1 and 10 while in play mode) so that you can ensure it looks the best on all devices and from a far distance with devices that use future lighting.

Lighting is a tedious thing to work on. :tired_face:


Well that’s just extremely devastating. I’ve put so much work on both the exterior and the interior only to learn that they won’t look as good as I expected due to Roblox’s horrible lighting engine. Regardless, thanks for your help!

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No problem. Sorry that this isn’t the answer you are looking for. I do hope Roblox addresses these issues!


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