Future Lighting - Lights popping in and out?

Hey, I’ve been wanting to use future lighting in my game for a while now and trying to look into future lighting a bit more but I can’t seem to find the answer as to why this keeps happening to me.

I can’t describe it much better than the lights popping in and out at certain angles.
Anybody know how to fix this?

A video showing what I mean:

Is the place laggy at all, causing your user Graphics Settings to change and affect the lighting?
Try play testing it with your Graphics manually set to 10 to see if that stops it from happening. If it’s on Auto it may drop down to 5 with lag and cause Lighting rendering to change.

Graphics are all at their maximum, place isn’t laggy

Try disabling CastShadows on the parts that are in the immediate area around the light source(like the walls, or a fixture the light itself is in)

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tbh, i have always had this issue, the only real solution ive done was disable shadows and set light points around the map

It’s fixed, thank you so much for your help, must have been a surface light shadow issue