Future Lighting Not Rendering ANY Lights

Hello, currently I am having a rendering problem, all light instances will not render no matter the graphic setting, its only on Future Lighting also. The problem started after a 9/2-9/3 update

Graphic setting in studio

This is an Example in-game at max graphics

This Example is from 9/2 during a test run of the cutscene.


bro I’ve been having the same problem! after the update, the lights don’t seem to work on future lighting. Have you found a fix?


People in other forum posts suggested that going to File>Studio Settings>Rending>GraphicsMode and changing it from your current setting to Vulkan can solve this issue but it depends on if your graphics card supports it (mine does not so I can’t verify this). Someone else in another forum post suggested reverting your studio version to a previous version but this requires third-party software (at your own risk, version 540, https://github.com/MaximumADHD/Roblox-Studio-Mod-Manager ). You can also change the File>Studio Settings>Rending>EditorQualityLevel to about 4-6 (depending on the issues each level brings) or lower and suffer a lower quality until the bug is fixed (the recent attempted fix altered this, I haven’t tested what the new solution is but you can mess around with EditorQualityLevel & GraphicsMode until you find a right combination). You can also change your lighting to ShadowMap temporarily until the bug is fixed.

They’ve done something to try to fix it because they were slightly working for OpenGL (barely) whereas when this bug started, it didn’t work at all. I also can not use material manager while on v540 but I assume it’s a bug on my end.


Thank you! I’m going to try this. I’m pretty sure material manager is on your end because for me it perfectly works but it does have many bugs. For example, after some time on studio, I cant save new settings onto a material variation. You could just do it manually using the property tab and explorer.


Seems like everyone is running into the same issue with Future Lighting. Hopefully this gets resolved ASAP.


I am also having problem with future lighting, after updating the studio the lights doesn’t work even after restarting my pc, closing studio, using new baseplate/place and even reinstalling studio.

Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this problem.


Thanks for the help, going to try out the Version Revert, I already played around with the Graphic Mode settings with no avail so, ill what the revert does.

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Have you tried restarting Roblox Studio after you change your GraphicsMode? It doesn’t simply update on the go.

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I ran into the same issue and here are somethings I tried.

  1. Updating Driver
  2. Reinstalling Roblox Studios (After Deleting App Data from Roblox) x4 (I did it 4 separate times)
  3. Restarting my PC
  4. Changing the rendering engine
  5. Starting a new Studios
  6. Asking a Roblox Engineer about the issue (Reply: “No idea”)
  7. Reinstalling drivers on graphics card
  8. Joining other games
  9. Having 2 people in the same studios see if there are the same
  10. Looking if others had the same issue.
  11. Doing Computer updates
  12. Optimizing Disk space on local disk (I got desperate for something to work)
  13. Deleting all junk files
  14. Uninstalling things that did ANYTHING to Roblox (fps unlocker)(Themes on google)
  15. Resetting all settings to default

That’s an interesting theme. I remember how I was making blue lights with Future Lighting, and it worked just fine. After a few days, I continued making story game and I noticed how none of flash lights emitted lights on high graphics (5 or higher).
After a bit of research, I found out that not only it happened in my studio, but this visual lighting bug happened in every single game with Future Lighting.
If i’m not the only one to have this bug, then roblox developers will notice this problem.
EDIT: This bug seems to be fixed for me.


I’m having the same problem lights are not visible in high graphics, apparently there’s something with future lighting(as far as i’m aware of), probably because of Roblox’s lastest update, i guess we’ll have wait until they fix this, other than that i doubt there’s anything we can do to fix this.

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Hopefully, @Roblox fixes this issue!

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Yeah I’m having the same issue, I can’t get any game with future lighting to render the lights.
This is what the popular game “Doors” looks like, it is just unplayable now.