Future lighting not working [Need help]

Hiya! Im having some issues with the lighting type “Future”

In studio, future is working


but ingame, (roblox) it doesn’t use future, it uses voxel (I assume)

not working

It works in game in studio but not out of studio.

got any ideas as to why this is happening?


Future lighting isn’t released ingame yet, only in Studio.

Ah ok, do we know when it will be released?

There are several topics on this already. Please search before attempting to create a topic just to make sure your question hasn’t been asked.

There isn’t a date or a specific time when it will be released they have been shipping updates on the lighting source so it’ll probably be coming soon you should keep an eye on the announcement topic, and see when Roblox fully releases the new technology lighting to the public: Future Is Bright: Phase 3 Studio Beta

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