Future lighting pointlight bleed-through?

Hello! For some reason pointlights with the future lighting type bleeds through this cape here? Does anyone know the cause and a fix for it? The pointlight is in my humanoidrootpart, bleedthrough seems to happen no matter how far away I pull back the cape nor what material I make it

I’m assuming shadows is ticked? In my experience, Shadows being enabled always looks funky in one way or another. Maybe the cape has CastShadows?

Even when disabling castshadows on the cape, it still gets bleedthrough

I think I may have found the culprit, for some reason this cape’s normal look almost inverted even though they don’t look like it in studio

Nevermind, the export settings were just off for some reason.
Despite fixing the settings, the cape has weird granular effects when rendering. I think this is the source of the problem but I’m not sure what’s causing it…

According to my mesher friend, this is an issue caused by people trying to get the “neon effect” / “void effect” for when they want an accessory to catch as little light as possible by messing with the normals

Fixed by going into the normals tab
going into geometry data and clicking “Clear custom split normals data”


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