Future Lighting Projection Issues

Hey there,

Recently on a game, I’m working for, I’ve been having issues with future lighting. The game, being in the SCPF genre, has a large portion built underground - to simulate underground lighting, it’s standard to use shadowboxes to blanket the facility from outside lighting - allowing an environment we can truly control. However, I’m having issues where - with future lighting - the properties of this shadowbox are completely ignored. This happens mainly while I’m developing, and it causes a tremendous amount of lag while lighting re-renders.

Cast-shadow is on.

Some might say to do more directed shadowboxes over specific parts, the issue is some of these areas are incredibly wide with incredible depth - like a portion that is 700 by 700 studs.

Any solutions?

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is this a mesh part or parts?
and what editor quality lv did you use?

future lighting lag when you turn on shadows inside Surfaces Light for Example
it happen if you place it in a place that can cause a loot of shadows

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Parts and I’m on the highest level.

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