Future Lighting test with Realistic grass, and water

Hello Everyone! So you all probably know that future lighting is now out. and I have been working on realistic environments. so here they are.

And please do tell me what you think and if there are any ways to improve or change it for the better please do say.


It seems to just be grass and water?

Other than that it looks good!

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It is just grass and water… I have been working on realistic grass for a while. and the water I just thought of because it looks cool.

Are you aware that there is a ‘Decoration’ property under terrain that does this for you.


Yes I am, but no offense to the roblox team “it ain’t great”

Personally I think it looks perfect, and does not lag the game.

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It doesn’t really match the grounds texture and the grass I have been working on is also game ready.

I agree too, I just wish that we can change the texture of the grass so we can get more results. Same with the water too.