Futuristic Skyscraper

Hello! I decided to create a futuristic-looking skyscraper and wanted some feedback on it.

This took me half an hour to build. What can I improve? What can I change to make it look better? All feedback Is welcome! Have a great day :smiley:


I think the top is just too big, but overall it looks good


Awesome! I think it could be improved if you made the middle be a cone or have some sort of curve rather than it being a straight stick.


Looks great! I’d make the top disc be a bit more curved, and maybe some lighting, oh I agree with @BluestOfFlames, the center stick could be more detailed, other than that it looks incredible! Great work :smiley:!

Edit: Personally, I wouldn’t change the top, I like how it looks for the sci-fi anti-gravity futuristic look.

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With a top that big, I think it needs a wider base or otherwise there’s a risk of it falling over. And i agree with BluestOfFlames, I think the middle should have more curves.

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The building won’t be on planet earth, so that isn’t a worry.

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It looks amazing, I suggest you add some miner details like some more windows and stuff.

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That looks super cool! Looks Like Nasa’s idea on Cloud cities for Venus.

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I really like the colors and detail, but the top segment seems way too large compared to the rest of the tower. If you want to have a big top designlike that, try easing into it. A tip piece at the top of the building would look nice too.

A similar tower (yet far less futuristic) is the CN Tower in Canada.

Notice how the big middle segment isn’t as wide, and has a more circular look, along with a tip at the top to avoid making it look like there is a ball floating in the sky.

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Thank you for the feedback, but I got the look I was going for. The top is meant to look large because it’s defying gravity.

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wow its very good i like how lightning and the ground (looks like mars) match up so well .And the low poly and simple style is also eye catchy .But maybe the top can be small as @werthzack said .

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