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The Business Operations department focuses on staff-related tasks, including but not limited to staff employment, grievance procedures, and more. While maintaining a strong relationship with staff, Business Operations also works alongside our community to bring staffing benefits to our team.


Executive Recruitment

✧ Recruit new Executives (Apprentices) by enabling the Apprentice Application on the Trello board. It should open the application in the application center. Set a close date, and publicly announce it using the template.
✧ All templates are located under #templates.
✧ Recommendations are another option, during the time periods when applications aren’t open.
✧ Seek active, dedicated Servers that correctly follow the Executive Achievement Guide located in our Community Handbook.
✧ Fill out the Executive Recommendations form, and have it reviewed by department leads or overseers.
✧ When new Executives have been accepted, either by applications or recommendations, send them the letter of acceptance, rank them, and log them onto the Trello board.

Executive Weekly Evaluations

✧ Weekly, you must evaluate whether our current Executives meet their expectations and are up to our standards.
✧ Their requirements are located under the Executive Information topic on devforum.
✧ If they meet the standards given, they are to stay at their current rank.
✧ If they exceed the standards given, they are to either be promoted, or given a staff announcement highlighting their dedication.
✧ If they fail to meet the standards given, they should be issued a warning by DMs. Follow the warning policy under Executive Information, for situations that call for warning, suspending, or terminating Executives.

Promotion Procedures

✧ All promotions must be approved by department leads or overseers.
✧ Every 2 or so weeks, promotions should be given to those deserving of one. Refer to the Executive Information page when promoting.
✧ One person must make a vote in #-voting, that contains a chosen group of Executives in which exceed the weekly standards. Refer to the Trello board for an Executive tracker.
✧ There must be at least 6 upvotes for the promotion to occur.
✧ You may counter or give your opinions regarding the vote. Discuss it with your peers.
✧ Have an individual announce it in #staff-notifications, and update the Trello, along with their ranks.

Grievance Procedures

✧ All grievance procedures must be approved by department leads or overseers. Note to update the Trello accordingly.
✧ Keep in mind that warnings expire after a month since their initial distribution.
✧ The max amount of warnings per individual is 2, while suspensions last for 2 weeks. If terminated, they are to be blacklisted from applying in the future.
✧ All letters of warnings, suspensions, and terminations are located in templates, and must be sent via DMs.
✧ Refer to the warning policy in the Executive Information page.

Ban & Blacklist Appeals

✧ If you receive a Ban or Blacklist Appeal, you must be the one who decides if they should be unbanned or unblacklisted.
✧ If you need help deciding so, you may discuss among your peers, or contact a department lead or overseer.
✧ Send them either a letter of approval or refusal, which can be located in templates.
✧ Update the Trello accordingly.

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