Fuzzy Edges on SurfaceAppearence Textures with Transparency

Hi, I’ve been having a problem with SurfaceAppearance in Studio , where the edges of colour map textures with transparency have fuzzy edges:

I have tried many methods such as bleeding the edges out and using the magic wand in paint.net to remove unwanted pixels. The current method I have been trying is using GIMP to merge the colour and transparency map, but that has been unsuccessful in solving the problem.

It is a very annoying problem since from a distance the foliage looks especially bad, and any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here is the transparent image if needed:


Hello, Xander521!!!

See I don’t think there is a fix for this. If anyone that is more experience in these kinda “BUILDINGGSS” then please help out.

Since this is a texture on there, it could be the texture Quality . The fuzziness could be the pixels.

I’ve seen this a lot with textures. It happens quite often. And like I said if anyone know more about this please help this guy out!!!

I am so sorry. But “I” have no solution. But do not feel bad. I’ve seen this often. And it mostly because of the texture. I’ve seen this when people do certain tree. The texture of it will seem low quite and//or fuzzy.


this is called dithering, and its to save on preformance. [renders every other pixel with color crushing]

i think they should have an option to turn this off/on
but i dont think they will since you cant even add SurfaceAppearances manually w/ programming.