FuzzyEq for Strings?

i have this probelm. every 3 minutes an attempt to create a backup of the player’s data will occur. When this happen, it will get the player’s current save data (saved as compressed JSON), and compare it using the “~=” operator to the latest backup (also compressed JSON). Issue is that even the slightest change in say, the player’s health will allow this check to pass, rendering it useless and flooding datastores with tons of nearly identical backups. Comparing strings with a FuzzyEq instead seems like the fix, but there is also a few probelms. As far as I know, there’s no built in Roblox FuzzyEq function for strings. I know absolutely nothing about how FuzzyEq would even work for strings. i am also unsure if a FuzzyEq function would work propely for large compressed JSON strings encoded in base64 (sometimes be tens or hundreds of thousands of characters in length :frowning_with_open_mouth:). so if you can help then that would be nice

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