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I am interested in a small terrain package. Sent a message!

Fast worker and even quicker communicator - well beyond what you would expect from someone who uses discord to mainstream communication. First version of my project wasn’t perfect, but it is admirable FxllenCode worked diligently to make the proper adjustments with minor setback.


Are you able to do low poly lighting?

I can do that, send me a DM and we can talk.

I really like your lighting.especially the pirate one

Keep up the good work!

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Awesome developer to work with.
Fast response time, fast production time and good quality! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very kind and professional. Also communicative as well, responds to messages very quickly.

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Extremely fast worker! Did an amazing high quality job.

Would recommend to anyone who wants a professional worker who will get the job done.

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Hey everyone! It’s finally that time, I am now reopened! :tada:

Make sure you look over my new portfolio revamp. Prices have also been changed. I can always negotiate! If you interested, send me a DM or reply!

Happy Holidays! :snowflake:


Great to work with, converted the lighting on 10 of our maps in a relatively short timeframe would recommend!

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Disclosure: I did not purchase a commission from this user.

@FxllenCode was very professional, communicative, and friendly - overall a great person to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and friendly developer.

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Send me a DM here. Thanks for getting in contact.

I was wondering how big each of the map sizes are?

Good question! It’s a bit hard to find out, I have estimates however I can say that small is about a baseplate, medium is a couple, large is a LOT of baseplates.

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Purchased the Large Terrain Package and FxllenCode designed it exactly the way I was looking for. The final result turned out great! I was able to get what I wanted in just 5 hours. Fxllen is also very kind, professional, and communicates well.

Definitely recommended to anyone looking for high quality terrain.

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That looks amazing!!!

Do you offer, courses because thats… breathtaking

I’d recommend learning here:

This is how I learned! It doesn’t teach you all the secrets of Gaea but there are YouTube tutorials out there. This tutorial just teaches you the import process.

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Amazing! Thanks a bundle!


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Why not just import a heightmap?

Can you have some before/after pictures of lighting?