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I don’t, sorry. Most of them are just the default lighting anyway.

It doesn’t do details very well. It also makes it complicated when it comes to auto painting bases on height and slope.


Hey, Fxllen, you’re great! I know it is not related to hiring you, but I had a slight development question.
How did you do that image, specially the sun rays

How much for just a lighting fix?

You should use the SunRays effect under lightning.

1000 robux.

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I’m happy to see that this has helped people! My ultimate goal is to create a suite of in-engine procedural tools (most likely in the form of Studio plugins) to make high-quality terrain creation easier and more accessible.

Life is busy at the moment and I have other projects in the way of this, but it’s an area I’ve had my eye on for a while.


Feel free to contact me if you need any help! :grin:

Hey bro i sent you a message your work is amazing I’m really interested.

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Sent you a message regarding a custom commission. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can.

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Hello everyone,

I will be closed for the next couple of weeks due to finals. Feel free to contact me anyway, but just note there is a lower chance of me accepting the commission.



Do you have discord I can contact you with?

Please just send me a DM on here.

Amazing work, Your mountain scenes look very realistic.

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Wow, your work is so beautiful. I really admire your work it’s truly amazing!


Hello everyone!

After a long wait, I am back open for lighting! I will be charging 1000 Robux per lighting or 1 month of Nitro Classic. If you are interested please send me a DM here and I’ll give you my discord tag if you move forward with it.

I am currently taking a break from terrain as I am very very burnt out.

Thanks! :grin:

I have not hired @FxllenCode before, but with what I saw, I HIGHLY recommend him. Always active on DevForum, meaning quick responses to messages.

I’ve tried out a couple of his open-sourced terrain, and with that price for this quality, is pretty worth it. :+1:


If you are interested I have a 800k Comission available but modeling and building is required.

I do not build nor model. Please re-read my post. :slight_smile:

Wow your work looks amazing. Too bad I can’t afford to pay you! Keep up the great work!

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Very good work, very polite and easy to understand. Had the job done in under 20 minutes, looked perfect first time. Would definitely recommend, 10/10.

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I was looking through your work and I was wondering if it was possible to have a smooth transition from grass to rock.