FYI: Publishing is temporarily on a daily release schedule

Hey devhub readers,

On behalf of the IX team, I want to give a quick heads-up on publishing frequency. Regarding the technical issues the devhub experienced on March 9th, a fix is in progress. In the meantime, we are using a daily publishing schedule wherein we publish updates on off-peak hours.

This means that you won’t see changes for about a day or two when your requests are addressed here. When possible, we’ll provide a screenshot of what the page should look like when it does eventually get published for your immediate feedback.

Our goal is to be as efficient as possible when addressing your documentation requests. We’ll un-sticky this thread once the issue is resolved and we go back to our normal publishing cadence.

– Ozzypig

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We’re publishing once per day for technical reasons, so you might see some delays in page updates on the devhub.