_G variable is not working

I am trying to create a cool down for my walki-talki, I use a global variable to hold a cooldown value, but for some reason it is not working.

It keeps saying cooldown is enabled but cooldown is set to false

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Settings script:

_G.cooldown = 5 --Change this to the walki-talki cooldown

_G.onCooldown = false --Don't touch this or the Walki-Talkies will break

Main script:

	if _G.cooldown == false then
		_G.cooldown = true
		_G.cooldown = false
		print('Cooldown is enabled!')

Any idea of what the problem is??

First potential issue

You were using _G.onCooldown for your boolean variable so if _G.cooldown will equal 5

Second potential error, is that I’m pretty sure that _G doesn’t replicated between the server and client, so that could bring a potential issue.

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Ok, I will use a bool variable, instead of global. Thanks!

Bool variables also do not replicate. You need to use a remote event.

Already fixed it by using a boolvalue. It works now.