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About Us

The Global Advertising Centre is an advertising plus showcase group where you have the moment in advertising your own group and selling any of your products such as your creations with certain restrictions applied! Events such as giveaways, building contests, game days, and other activities will occur through our server. We will be hiring developers soon once we have proper directors and game sets.

The GAC is a group owned by FazeMJ_Dev & Shaz_Dev who are amazing people!

You can see our progress so far here: Global Advertising Centre - Roblox

Feedback Information

This Feedback Topic is intended for our development opinion relating to our game’s architecture.

You may present your thread how you choose, but you are required to answer the following questions in your thread;

  • What do you like about this game?
  • What can we do to make this game better?
  • What should we remove or improve on?

You may then include any further details.

This feedback should be about the improvements for the building only. Scripting, UIS, and etc will come soon…

Global Advertising Centre Game (Not Done)

Building Images

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: